8 Things You Should Consider About Your Brand When Marketing on Twitter

Twitter is a microblogging platform where people from various expertise and influential personalities set the trends and convey their message in the form of tweets. Tweet message including spaces allows 280 character limit. So this character limit makes a digital marketer have a hard time scratching their head thinking about how to build a marketing strategy so that the company sets a trend on Twitter. 

You can see the viral elements from this platform.

So here are the things you should consider while marketing your brand on Twitter:

1. Twitter handle name

Your Twitter handle name should be small, and it should represent your brand name so that people or your customer could find you easily and connect with you. Your twitter id should be representable and recognizable on Twitter. 

2. Don’t use Twitter URLs

Avoid sharing Twitter URLs instead you can share your Twitter handle name, which starts from ‘@’ 

3. Twitter Bio

Your Twitter bio should be within 160 characters. It should portray what you are and what services you provide. Your Bio is like a first impression is the last impression. So your bio must be clear, concise, and straight to the point.

4. Twitter Verification

Get your Twitter profile verified. The Twitter verification process is very simple. Currently, Twitter verifies only the six types of people: government officials, Companies, brands, NGOs, News organizations, Journalists, Other influential social media people, Entertainment, and sports personalities. After verification, your profile name gets a blue tick badge, which represents that this handle is a verified and authentic person.

5. Twitter Hashtags  

Use relevant and unique hashtags to make your tweet shareable. Officially Twitter says to use no more than 2 hashtags per tweet. But you are open to using as many hashtags within the character limit if you want. Use trending or popular hashtags to get your tweet viral.

6. Retweet Strategy

Make sure to retweet once in a while the contents of the people you followed. The people you follow will get noticed that you are retweeting their content, and they will retweet yours, which will make your content visible to their followers. Such a marketing strategy helps to get maximum reach and engagement on your profile. Acquiring the Maximum number of retweets makes your tweet visible to all sections of demographics and gets listed on trending feeds.

7. Twitter Analytics

Always make sure to check the analytics of your tweets. Also, you can compare the analytics between both marketing tweets and check their impressions and engagement rate. Thus you can perform different strategies to market your brand widely. Twitter analytics provides an opportunity to see if the direction of your marketing strategy is working positively or not. Else you are free to change your performance parameters.

8. Target specific

Make sure to have target-specific content while marketing. Research about what trends are situated for various age groups. Also, see the demographic-specific trends to target those people while marketing on Twitter. Be sure about your target market, know whether they are personalities or common people, also select demographics, gender, and age groups.

8 Things You Should Consider About Your Brand When Marketing on Twitter

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