How to use a web template?

Website Template(Rocko)

You can get this template here.


1. Release Zip files, Get two folder - ¡°xhtml¡±¡¢¡°PSD¡±.


2. modify PSD files.


change the logo as yours, or only modify the text.


Use text tools(Shortcuts¡±T¡±), change the introduce text.


Use photoshop modify the pic as you want.


modify the feature as you want.


Modify the menu, you can also reduce or add it; if you want more icons, you can get it here.


If you want modify the layout, you can edit it easily in photoshop. Or, we modify it for you, need a little fee.

3. modify slices piece by piece, then export it.

when you have finished text & image modify, export it piece by piece, then replace the before.

4. modify html files.


Modify the class name and link.


Modify the Title and Main content, you can change the font in DW.


Add the thumbnail in the frame, you can use photo or sreenshot.


Update the information (Tel\ fax\ email)


Change the copyright information.


Modify the CSS styles , including text, links, etc.


If it necessary, you can modify the JS effects.

5. upload to FTP, finish you own website.

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