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concise deliver results apps collection

iPhone & iPad & macbook web templates

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This template contains :
- 5 Valid HTML(iPhone1, iPhone2, iPad, macair, about) ;
- 5 PSD files, Footer options
- PNG transparency code
- Interactive Gallery
- Lightweight File size
- hand-coded
- Suitable for multiple application shows
- the app feature shows in a popup (using jQuery)
you can edit it easily, you can use it as portfolio showcase, multiple iPhone/iPad/mac apps showcase or studio showcase and more.

Files Available

PSD / Html / CSS / jQuery


sample, red , green , blue , portfolio, template , application , mac, showcase, feature, cool, app, multiple application

Software Required:

To edit templates: Photoshop, Dreamweaver (or any HTML editor)

Cross-Browser & SEO Friendly

Clean and SEO friendly markups that display consistently across the major browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

How to get it?

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We have one-stop service, just contact us! choose one template, we can modify the images and the text for you in two days, just $49!


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— — Rosalind Clarke

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